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G'day and welcome to Pure Dingo

In love with the Australian Dingo.


Firstly, I would like to introduce you to our three Delightful Desert Dingoes, Eggie Warrigal, Sandy Maliki and Didi Mirigung. These three dingoes are brother and sisters, about 24months old,(in Oct 2016) and hand reared from around 3 weeks of age. We chose to include aboriginal names in their registration to reflect the link with the Australian bush we love so much, and respect for the traditional owners who have lived so long in harmony with this land.


Our dedication and love for these three dingoes is quite profound. We have always been animal lovers, having always and predominately owned dogs. Hence we ourselves, rightly or wrongly, compare them to domestic dogs. So the purpose of building this site is firstly to give some insight into these magnificent animals, and to remove as much as possible, the stigma attached to the dingo. In brief, the dingo is highly intelligent, genetically very sound and very well adapted to the extremely hash conditions found in many parts of Australia, particular the arid zones.


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They are survivors and deserve respect and protection. They have many dog like similarities but are "wired" differently and should, in my belief, never be called "dogs". There are subtle physical differences as well. Just as a wolf is a wolf and a coyote is a coyote, they are dingoes. Secondly I would like to try and sway public interest in a way that would bring about supportive actions and pressure respective governments to investigate ways to conserve and protect our dingoes.


I believe at this point in time the dingo is seen by various governments and agencies as nothing more than a "dog in the bush", to be cruelly baited and removed from the country side in any way possible. The dingo is, without any doubt, in danger of being lost and protection is urgent and essential.


Not just a loss to Australia but to the world, an ancient living link in the Canidae family. We hope you like our site and are able to support us in some way. There are several other good and deserving sites dedicated to the dingo, so please if you can take a look and go and visit. You to will fall in love with Australias own. Please enjoy the photos and videos and lastly take a look at our merchandise. With thanks Barry Lyn Eggie Sandy and Didi.